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Looking Within 101: read this before decision making

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are stuck and don't know what the correct answer is? Do you try and talk to all your friends and family members about this specific situation and then their opinions only make you more confused on the correct action to take because they all answer so differently? They are going off of their own life experiences and basing their choice off of their own fears. Just because an outcome happened for them doesn't mean it will happen to you because we are different souls experiencing a different life at the moment.

The best way of knowing the right answer is to look within and make that decision for yourself and yes, I know I am asking a lot and it's not easy to just say okay universe and then you hear a voice that says, "do this!"

Start doing these simple things daily; you will start hearing answers that come from within a lot more clearly.

  • Journaling: Sit down first thing when you wake up and just write! It doesn't have to be about your previous day it can be about anything that comes up. I tend to write about dreams that I remember having or if something has been on my mind causing me any discomfort, I will start by sharing that experience and then how it made me feel and just free write. I also like to ask the universe questions about that experience "why am I feeling so much discomfort right now?" "Is there something I can do to make the situation have a better outcome?" just ask what ever question comes to mind and then let your hand just go; it will answer with what you truly need to know. This won't come so easily at first but the more you practice just simple questions the more you will start to trust the response you get.

Remember that you might not always hear what you want to hear but trust that the universe has a bigger plan for you, and we will receive exactly what we need, and it is usually even better than what we could have dreamt of.

  • Meditation: This one can be very challenging for most people. For me it was hard to sit and let my mind be quite I always thought that I had to shut down all of my thought that came up but then realized that's not the case. That sometimes we need to pause and sort those thought that are flowing in. A scientist studied that we could get roughly 60,000 thought per day, imagine if we actually tried to control every thought that went through our minds, we would go mad. So rather than trying to control those thoughts while you are meditating start asking questions (are you seeing a pattern from the journaling? always ask questions!) "Is this thought based off of facts?" "What are the facts of the situation I am pondering about?" "Is there anything I can do at the moment?" Remember to breath and after asking these questions you can write your response down and the return back to breathing. This being on paper makes it easier to let that thought go for the moment so you can focus on breath.

Breath is the key to meditation; it can be a big component in distracting your mind. Takes and thoughts can wait because you know that this time you are taking for yourself is for you and even if its five minutes the world can wait. Go back to focusing on your breath, I like to use guided videos. This is a great option; Yoga with Adriene on YouTube

The more you practice the less thoughts you have flowing in and the more you can calm your nervous system.

  • Movement: Yoga, going on a hike in nature, riding your bike, swimming, dancing and Reiki. There are so many ways to move our body and what this does is help move along static energy (chi) that we have built up. If we hold on to static energy it can create blocks and our thoughts don't always feel free flowing in that state. Reiki is also amazing for moving energy and realigning your chakras. If you're not sure what reiki is go to my Reiki service page or message me with questions.


We really want to have our nervous system in a calm place. This will allow us to be able to make the best decision for us, that's why doing these practices will really aid us in taking a step back and breathing and sorting our thoughts.

We are the ones that have the answers within all we have to do is quite down enough to be able to listen.


  • I trust my inner voice

  • I have all the answers I need within me

  • I am supported by a higher power

  • I am patient and know that everything is aligning in divine time

  • I am safe

  • I am calm and able to make the decisions in my life

Take your time on this journey always know that things can feel worse before they get better when we are bringing up the past if you feel like you need help, please know there are always resources and help out there. BetterHelp is a great way to afford counseling if you need help.


Disclosure: I am not a certified therapist or counselor. These are tools and tricks that have helped me on my journey. Even though they have helped me on my journey doesn't mean they are guaranteed to help you on yours. If doing these activities activate strong emotions or bring up trauma that you're unable to deal with on your own, please reach out to a professional for help. I am truly wanting nothing but kind, light, loving energy for you so you can function in life feeling your best.

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