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About the Ever Evolving Energy Healing Esthetician


I'm a certified Master Reiki Healer, and Master Esthetician and have been licensed for the past 10 years. I have also studied Astrology Birth Chart Readings as well as My Human Design and recently added Yoga to the mix!

I first fell in love with helping women feel beautiful on the outside. Just seeing the glow and the newfound confidence really lit me up. As years go on and life lesson after life lesson, I realized wow there is more to this then just making others (myself included) feel beautiful on the outside (don't get me wrong this is still important) but it truly has to start from within.

Me being at my lowest point in my life I sought out for guidance (basically begging), poof just like magic! Signs kept appearing! I kept ignoring them, but one day I finally gave into that inner voice and all the "random coincidences." Knowing I was being called into the energy healing world.

I took about two years diving into podcasts, books, journaling, yoga/meditation, EFT, and finally reiki. I fell in love with self-healing. I truly saw my own blocks that were limiting my future getting worked through. Along with not having as much mental chatter all day everyday causing me a great deal of anxiety, I was able to have more restful nights. I also realized how I had spent my last 24year just on autopilot mode. (Sleep, work, eat, cry, sleep, and sleep some more.) I wasn't actually living, just existing.

Reiki completely altered my way of being and that's when I knew I needed to receive my level 2 Usui Ryoho reiki certification, and that's exactly what I did.

I also was introduced to the importance of our Birth Charts and that's when I fell in love with My Human Design and Astrology, they are truly the "telling of the stars" and gave me so much understanding of my inner world.

My confidence is at its highest point then it ever has been, and I know it's from digging deep and doing the inner work while still utilizing my esthetician skills I feel like I am getting closer to my highest self. She is limitless and ohh you guessed it, EVER EVOLVING!

I embarked on an extensive YRT 200hr yoga teacher training course in The Sacred Valley of The Incas in Peru! 😍 This training was deeply influenced by the Peruvian Shamanism. We went through the shamanic medicine wheel and ceremonies, connecting to the shadows understanding them accepting them and growing tools to shift perspective. The death and rebirth cycle!  "There are four directions in the shamanic medicine wheel is associated with an animal spirit — The Wind of the South, the Serpent, leads us to shed our shadows and the past. The Wind of the West, the Jaguar, shows us how to face our shadows with courage. The Wind of the North, the Hummingbird, guides us on an epic journey of sweetness and joy. The Wind of the East, the Eagle, teaches us to see the world and what is possible from a newfound perspective." 

I knew with these certifications I could potentially guide others on their journey. Every journey is so unique to your own personal Darma's (blueprints,) so I want to be that safe place for you to come to and work on your inner and outer self on your terms. and that's exactly what I plan on doing.

At the wellness center you will receive treatments for both body and soul infused into one. Working on the body as a whole, realigning the chakra points and treating the skin so you can show off your inner beauty to the world. I offer a more natural energy healing way to the beauty industry guiding you on your journey toward your own highest self. Whatever she may look like I know she is beautiful.

xoxo/ Katelynn



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